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I will be showing some before and after images here using my Photoshop Actions accompanied
by some details describing the steps I used to achieve the end result. ~Mike Warren
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Photoshop Actions and Templates by Mike Warren ©2011

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Triptych Template

New Triptych Template available for Free download. Mat and Frame
colors can be changed. Drop Shadow layer effects can be changed as well.
Add a title and/or signature to the mat.

Lith Print Photoshop Action

Original Photo by Brandon Warren

Black and White Lith Print

Toned Lith Print

This image was created with my Lith Print Action which makes images
look like they were taken with Hi-Speed Black and White Film enlarged
with High-Contrast Paper. The result is a very high contrast image with very
interesting grain. There is a toning action included with the action set to
change the color of the paper and ink to emulate a Lith Print.

Gallery Mat Action

This is an example of a framed image created with my new and
improved Gallery Mat and Frame Action. The action adds a mat and
frame with Golden Mean Proportions and now has adjustable layers
enabling you to can change the color of the mat and frame as well as
control the drop shadows and look of the frame.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Emboss Glow / Pop-Art Color Variations

Original Photo by David Cole

I used my Emboss-Glow Action to create the single rose image,
then used my Pop-Art Color Variation Action which steps out the
images and shifts the color for each image. The mat and frame was
then added using my frame action that comes with the action set.

Vintage Pin-Up Toning Action

Original Photo found Googling Vintage Wedding Gown.

This is my result after running my Vintage
Pin-Up Toning Action w/ Illustration.

I used my Antique Photo Mat and Frame
Template to add a final touch to the image.

Contrast-Mask / Illustration Action

Original Photo found Googling Wedding Couple.

This is the result after running my Contrast Mask - Curves
Action to enhance shadows and highlights.
(Part of my Photoshop Basic Retouching Action Set)

This is the final result after running my Illustration Action,
Sharpening, running the Surface Blur Action, restoring facial
details with the History Brush, then adding a Watercolor
Texture at the end.

Pen & Ink Sketch Action

Original Photo by Mike Warren
Result using my Pen and Ink Sketch Action

Blended Sketch over the Original Image in Luminosity Mode at 80%.
Flattened image. Increased Color Saturation using Hue/Saturation.
Applied an S-Curve to increase contrast. Ran Surface Blur to remove
surface details. Added my Watercolor Texture as a final touch.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pop-Art Illustration Action

Original Photo by Brandon Warren

First I ran my Pop-Art Illustration Action on this image, then ran
my Illustration/Watercolor Action on it. I followed the Illustration
Action with the Sharpening Action, Surface Blur Action then added
a Watercolor Texture at the end. Nice grungy urban setting.
I like the Rotoscope look this ended up with.