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I will be showing some before and after images here using my Photoshop Actions accompanied
by some details describing the steps I used to achieve the end result. ~Mike Warren
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Photoshop Actions and Templates by Mike Warren ©2011

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Orianthi and Michael Lith Print

Original Photo by Kevin Mazur
Black and White Lith Print Action
Lith Print with Toner Action
Original Photo layered over Toned Lith Print set to Softlight

Orianthi and Michael Sketch

Original Photo by Kevin Mazur

Pen and Ink Sketch Action

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sketch and Illustration Actions Compared

Original Photo by Thomas H. Hahn

Pen and Ink Sketch Action

Illustration Action

Sarah Palin Illustration

Here is a before and after take of Sarah Palin using my Illustration Action.
After running the image through the Illustration Action, I Sharpened it then
ran the image through the Final Blur with Texture Finisher. I stop the action
after the Blur part to paint back important details using the History Brush,
then I continue the Action to add a touch of texture.

Watercolor Renditions by Janet Nix

Janet Nix did a great job with these two rose images using my
Watercolor Painter Action! She uses many different brush tips as
she applies the image back on. I like how she leaves the pencil
lines in and feathers the edges like a real watercolor painting.
Thanks Janet!

Michael Jackson Tribute

Original photo composite

Pen and Ink Sketch Action

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Add Rain Technique

Original photo by Anna Yu.

Image with Rain.

Duplicate Layer, Add Layer Mask, Paint out umbrella and couple. 
Adjust Gamma in Levels from 1.0 to 0.8 
Gaussian Blur 1.8 Pixels 
Duplicate Layer with Mask 
Fill with 50% Gray. 
Set Layer to Screen Mode. 
Uniform Noise 12% Monochromatic 
Auto Levels 
Motion Blur 19 pixels -82 degrees 
Adjust Screen Layer to 23% Opacity 
Levels: Brought in left and right sliders to base of hill 
Gaussian Blur .2 Pixels

Colored Pen and Ink Sketch on Parchment

Original ship photo.

Colored Pen and Ink Sketch on Parchment background.

Hand Colored Litho / Etching Look

Original Photo by Hully Exile

Result from Sketch Action

Blended original image over Sketch in Darken Mode at 55%.
Flattened, then adjusted the color, saturation, curves, levels, gaussian blur.

Blended fill layer set to Color at 20% to subdue color.

Added border, grain and texture. Added plate shadow and acid
burn around the edges of the print using layer styles. 

This image was created using the same technique.

Comic Strip Pen & Ink Technique

Original Image by Martin Surovcek

Comic Strip Look

Technique using my Sketch Action to achieve a Comic Strip Pen and Ink look.

Open original Image
Run Sketch Action.
Save Layered PSD.
Run Pen and Ink Finisher Action.
When Action Finishes, double click Top Color Burn Layer.
Adjust Blend If Underlying Layer from 255 to 200 (Lower Right Slider).
Paste Original image on top at 85% Vivid Light to bring back 100% Blacks.
Create new transparent layer at the very top.
Use History Brush at 40% to paint in lost details in the shadow areas.